Our top 5 Handmade Artisan Products

Natural Home Stores, top 5 products, compiled by Matt and Hamish of Natural Home Stores. The following products were selected based on our personal preferences as well as sales and customer feedback. Enjoy exploring our products and brands!

sandalwood soap on a rope 300x300 - Our top 5 Handmade Artisan Products#1 Clovelly Soap Co – Sandalwood soap on a rope

Soap on a rope seems to be a new shower-time craze, but what’s the point? Well, the reasons are varied and numerous and it’s actually quite a practical thing:

There is no packaging waste, so it’s environmentally friendly. It’s also easier to keep hold of the soap in the shower by slipping the rope over your wrist. A rope makes it possible to hang the soap, keeping it out of wet puddles and allowing the soap and its wonderful fragrance to last even longer.

It’s great for everyone, especially children and the elderly  who might find it a pain to keep hold of soap while in the shower. Adding a rope means you can use the whole bar, and not leave little soap relics around your sink and bathtub.

The Clovelly Soap Co pride themselves on the unique presentation and rich essential oil fragrance of their soaps. Sandalwood has a spicy, earthy scent that is strong but not overpowering and lingers long after washing. A favourite of our gentleman customers as it’s known as a particularly masculine scent, although it is very much liked by our female customers too.

Clovelly soaps are made from therapeutic grade essential oils. The sandalwood essential oil is highly regarded, when inhaled it is said to relax, calm the nerves and bring mental clarity. Its beneficial effects, when applied topically, are said to include soothing and reducing irritation of the skin.

The Sandalwood soap on a rope bar: 

  • Helps the skin retain moisture
  • Naturally softening
  • Handmade in Clovelly, Devon, UK
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Suitable for vegans


Customer Reactions to Sandalwood Soap on a Rope

“Amazing smell, bought for my dad, really pleased with purchase, would recommend.”

“I liked the quality of the soap on a rope, a lovely present for my dad.”


gin tonic marmalade 300x300 - Our top 5 Handmade Artisan Products#2 Bumblee’s Preserves – Gin and Tonic Marmalade

This is one of Matt’s favourites! Bumblee’s Preserves of Somerset, produce a range of boozy jams. It’s a very popular range that features a selection of different jams and marmalades, each one is made perfect with a modern boozy twist.

The range includes: Raspberry and Prosecco Jam, Espresso Marmalade made with coffee liqueur, Somerset Cider and Apple Jam, Limoncello Marmalade, Gin and Tonic Marmalade, Mojito Marmalade and Blackcurrant and Sloe Gin Jam,

The G&T is a big favourite with our customers, with an energising lemon and Seville orange marmalade infused with gin and tonic that lingers in the aftertaste. It makes a perfect gift for your jam enthusiast and for vegan and gluten-free eaters.

Gin lovers now have an excuse to include it at breakfast, it’s great on toast with coffee. It makes a great accompaniment to ice cream. It also makes a useful baking ingredient. To give your lemon drizzle cake a little gin kick throw in a splash of gin and use this jam in the centre and spread thinly on the top.

Bumblee’s Preserves create award-winning jams, marmalades and chutneys with modern flavours added to traditional preserve recipes, many of their flavours have received gold stars at the Great Taste awards. They use locally sourced produce and traditional recipes handed down through generations, a truly artisan jam maker.

Gin and Tonic marmalade is:

  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • An artisan product created by hand
  • Created from family recipes handed down through generations
  • Slow cooked to retain the full fruity flavours
  • Are made with no extra flavours of preservatives

Check out the full range of boozy jams: Raspberry and Prosecco Jam, Espresso Marmalade made with coffee liqueur, Somerset Cider and Apple Jam, Limoncello Marmalade, Gin and Tonic Marmalade, Mojito Marmalade and Blackcurrant and Sloe Gin Jam.

Customer reactions to Gin & Tonic Marmalade

“Omg, what can I say .. absolutely lovely
You get the orange marmalade taste then a hint of gin and tonic !!
Well worth the price.”

“It was for my dad and he loved it very much, he can’t stop eating it.”


tomato pepper chilli chutney 300x300 - Our top 5 Handmade Artisan Products#3 The Borneo Pantry – Tomato, Red Pepper and Chilli Chutney

The Tomato, Red Pepper and Chilli Chutney from The Borneo Pantry is a delicious sweet-spicy chutney with a slight chilli heat.

Made with ripe tomatoes and spiced with root ginger and garlic, this is a mild chilli chutney. A hotter version also available for those who can stomach it.

It’s a versatile chutney with the consistency of sauce making it a suitable substitute for ketchup. It sits well on a cheese board, makes a great burger relish and really sweetens up a salad bowl while adding a hint of chilli heat. We even experimented by frying it into an omelette, using it as a pizza topping and marinating prawns in it.

All The Borneo Pantry products are suitable for vegans and most are gluten-free (except for those that include malt vinegar). They are packed full of flavour and interesting ingredient combinations. This chutney is a particular favourite with our customers because of its sweetness and versatility.

Tomato, Red pepper and Chilli Chutney is:

  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Slow cooked to retain the full fruit and veg flavours
  • Handmade on the Isle of Wight

Also check out: The Borneo Pantry mini chutney selection box.


Customer reactions to Tomato, Red Pepper and Chilli Chutney

“ I love this chilli chutney sauce and eat it with my chips, it’s a great alternative to ketchup!”


hullabaloos lemonade 300x300 - Our top 5 Handmade Artisan Products#4 Hullabaloos mixed case

What better for a hot summer’s day than a selection of refreshing lemonade flavours sat in your fridge?

We have enjoyed a Hullabaloos on many an afternoon sat in the garden. Popular with adults and kids alike, the traditional lemonade recipe reminds us how lemonade used to taste.

Hullabaloos make all their lemonade from Spanish lemons, never from concentrate, they make your tongue tingle and taste buds come alive. Their range of favours include alternatives such as raspberry, elderflower and ginger.

Think it’s a seasonal product, think again! Hullabaloos real lemonades taste great warmed up and drank from a mug, to give you a warming citrus boost in the colder months.

The Original Flavour with a splash of gin is a particular favourite. Many people enjoy making their cocktails with Hullabaloos lemonade, so let’s get out the cocktail umbrellas and have some fun!

Hullabaloos lemonades are:

  • Award-winning lemonades
  • Packaged in ethical glass bottles
  • Gluten Free
  • Suitable for Vegans

Check out the full flavour range: Elderflower, Raspberry, Ginger, Citrus, Original

Customer reactions to Hullabaloos Real Lemonade

“ Such a nice, refreshing treat on these hot summer days. You can really taste the natural, raw ingredients – They’re just delicious and perfect. Great poured over ice or splashed in a G&T.”

“ Came in sturdy bottles without any issues. All the flavours are really sharp and lovely, and live up to the name on the bottle. My favourite is the raspberry, but all of them are really good and worth the value for money. ”


somerset honey 300x300 - Our top 5 Handmade Artisan Products#5 – Somerset Honey

It doesn’t get more traditional and rural than this. Richard Boulton is over 80 years old and has been keeping bees in Somerset for over 60 years.

His colonies of black bees forage for pollen across acres of Somerset wild flowers, farms and woodland to create a sweet floral honey with a strong distinct taste.

A particular favourite with our older customers and mums, the honey goes well on toast, as an alternative to sweeten your coffee and tea. It’s great mixed with a warm lemon drink in the winter if you manage to make a jar last that long!

A seriously more-ish raw, unpasteurised honey that’s very healthy and makes the perfect accompaniment to toast, cooking ingredients, honey glazing on meat and veg or as a natural sweetener in hot drinks and cocktails.

Somerset honey:

  • A sweet floral honey with a distinct strong taste
  • Pure unpasteurised raw honey
  • Pure Natural Honey Handmade in small batches
  • Great tasting with a long shelf life
  • High Pollen Count

Customer reactions to Somerset Honey

“ Excellent set honey, best I have tasted for a very long time, believe me I have tried a few. Without mentioning the very expensive brand. I shall be purchasing more from Somerset honey, pure natural honey. ”

“ Been mixing a Teaspoon of Honey with hot water. It tastes very nice. I was suspicious of what Supermarkets sell. I am glad that I ordered this delicious Honey from the county of Somerset. ”



This is just the tip of the iceberg, we stock over 300 unique artisan products, so we could easily pick out 10 or even 20 products to rave about. So why not take some time to explore our shop and watch this space for more highlights of our exciting product lines.

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