Fruits of the Forage Hedgerow vinegar 330ml Glass Bottle

Fruits of the Forage Hedgerow vinegar 330ml Glass Bottle

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Ingredients: Sugar, organic Norfolk cider vinegar, elderberry (10%), damson (10%), blackberry (5%). Refrigerate once open.

Hedgerow Harvest Vinegar, by Fruits of the Forage, is made from fruits that naturally grow together in the British Countryside.

Fruit vinegars are used to season salads, to make vinaigrettes and cooking sauces. This vinegar lifts a bolognese sauce and enhances the flavour of a stew. Serve dashed on a salad or to add a new depth to your cocktails.

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Handmade Preserves from foraged fruit

Fruits of the Forage create preserves from fruits foraged from abandoned orchards and the Great British countryside. They combine complimentary flavours to create award winning jams, chutneys and pickles.

  • 100% Natural – From fruits foraged in the British countryside
  • ward winning preserves
  • Handmade artisan product made by a small UK business
  • Complimentary flavours from British hedgerow fruits