Raspberry Vinegar 100ml

Raspberry Vinegar 100ml

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Ingredients; Raspberry (49%), White Wine Vinegar (contains sulphites)(29%), Sugar


Bumblee’s Raspberry Vinegar is handmade in Somerset using fresh, locally sourced raspberries. Raspberry vinegar makes a great sweet salad dressing, but there are many other alternative uses, such as, mix with water for a flavoured cordial or use it to rinse the hair after washing, leaving it smooth, and with a raspberry scent. Bumblee’s Raspberry Vinegar contains far more fruit than shop bought vinegar, providing more flavour and less sugar.

  • GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN ??? Award winning vinegars
  • An Artisan product created by hand in Bumblee’s Somerset kitchen
  • Created from recipes handed down through generations
  • Slow cooked with great care to ensure the full flavour of the fruits is conserved.
  • No extra flavours or preservatives
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Handmade Vinegar

A handmade artisan product created with love in Bumblee’s Somerset kitchen, using homegrown and locally sourced produce. Bumblee’s create award-winning products created from recipes handed down through generations, with some exciting flavours added.

Presented in a hexagonal glass jar with hand-tied Bumblee’s label, adding to its artisan charm and making it a perfect small gift.

For those with an adventurous palette, Bumblee’s also produce a range of chutney, jam, and marmalade.